(VIDEO) A career switch into mindfulness is life changing for a busy exec

Ann Gallery, Co-Founder of MindWell-U, describes how she discovered mindfulness

It's been three years since I co-founded MindWell-U, a company that delivers evidence-based online and in-person mindfulness programs and training, and while I'm busier than I ever have been in my life - I'm a whole lot happier and fulfilled.  

Benefits of mindfulness

After learning mindfulness my priorities became clearer, expectations of myself were more realistic, and I started to get a whole lot more joy out of everyday things.  

Now when I'm not working, I'm really not working

I'm doing whatever it is I'm supposed to be doing (what a concept!). I'm engaged with what I'm doing and who I'm with instead of worrying about to-do lists, deadlines, calls that need returning or what to make for dinner. 

Don't get me wrong, no one would ever call me 'mellow' (I'm just not made that way as my friends, family and two dogs will attest!) but with mindfulness I now have frequent doses of joy in my day which makes life a whole lot more pleasurable, my relationships more fulfilling and the world a brighter place.

If you practice mindfulness I'd love to hear what it's done for you.


Ann Gallery is the Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer of MindWell-U. She can be reached at ann@mindwellu.com