The Sauder School of Business conducted a 2016 research study on the Challenge and determined it significantly increases:

Vigor: Increases the energy people bring to their lives which is associated with engagement, resilience, endurance, and performance

Psychological Capital: Contributes to positive attitudes and performance

Willingness to go 'Above and Beyond': People are more inclined to help others

Emotional Regulation: People stay calm and focused when stress gets high.

Well Being: Improves satisfaction and performance

Humility: People more accurately understand how they can improve their own performance and seek out opportunites to do so

Authenticity: Improves interpersonal relationships, pro-social behavior and leadership



Hear what lead researcher Dr. Daniel Skarlicki from The University of British Columbia has to say about the Challenge research study and his findings.


Click on the image to the left to download the UBC research study that shows the 30 Day Mindfulness Challenge reduces stress, increases resilience and improves performance.