First Responders Respond to Mindfulness

MindWell-U recently conducted a feasibility study with first responders and confirmed members of the police, fire, rescue, ER, EMT, 911 and military communities also experience significant benefits after taking 30 Day Mindfulness Challenge.

“The 30 Day Mindfulness Challenge is an evidence-based mental health tool that supports employees in the workplace. Because it’s just a few minutes a day and accessible from any device at any time, we thought it could really benefit first responders,” says Dr. Geoff Soloway, Co-Founder and Chief Training Officer at MindWell-U.

“The Challenge also teaches something we call ‘mindfulness-in-action’ so participants learn how to be mindful in the middle of whatever they’re doing, whether that be delivering a lecture, closing a deal, operating heavy machinery or responding to an emergency.”

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“The 30 Day Mindfulness Challenge taught me to take a step back and look at things more clearly instead of getting caught up in the moment. Learning to respond instead of react has lowered my stress and made me more effective at my job whether I’m driving an ambulance or administering first aid.”
— Toronto Area Paramedic

First responders reported the following outcomes in two separate surveys:

  • 95% feeling better about their health and wellbeing
  • 93% managing stress better
  • 92% practicing greater self-care
  • 92% focusing better on tasks
  • 91% engaging more with work & managing conflict better
  • 89% treating others more kindly
  • 88% communicating better
  • 83% experiencing improved leadership skills
  • 81% collaborating better with others
  • 80% managing time better

In addition, 97% of participants were satisfied with the training, and almost everyone said they had integrated mindfulness into their life and plan to stick with it.

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