Mindful Leadership Workshop at  Coca-Cola Canada

January 19, 2016


Mindfulness is now on the agenda at the World Economic Summit at Davos each year and leaders from government, the military, sports and business have embraced mindfulness.  No wonder, mindfulness is proven to impact:

  • Task performance (Zhang, Ding, Li & Wu, 2013)

  • Stress reduction (Wolever, Bobinet, McCabe, Mackenzie, Fekete et al., 2012)

  • Conflict management (Kay, Skarlicki, Diamond & Soloway, in-press)

  • Emotional exhaustion and job satisfaction (Hulsheger, Alberts, Feinholdt & Lang, 2013)

  • Work-family balance (Allen & Kiburz, 2012)

  • Turnover intentions (Dane & Brummel, 2014)

  • Psychological detachment and sleep quality (Hulsheger, Lang, Depenbrock, Fehrmann, Zijlstra, et al., 2014)

Mindfulness also has a huge impact on leadership because it helps leaders become more empathetic, in-tune with their employees and responsive vs. reactive which has big benefits when it comes to consensus-building and decision-making.  


Teaching mindfulness enables students to calm their minds and increase focus. Such skills are crucial for succeeding in an increasingly frenetic environment where distractions from an always-buzzing phone to pressure for strong quarterly profits constantly impinge on decisions.
— Bill George, Professor of Management Practice, Harvard Business School



MindWell Canada's four hour workshop for Coca-Cola Canada Leaders will include what mindfulness is and the science behind it how it works.  

Through a combination of lecture, video, short mindfulness practices and reflection, the workshop will also teach attendees how to:

  • Turn off autopilot in order to become more focused, clear, creative and compassionate                                                                                                

  • Avoid negative 'Thought Trains' that so often take us away from the here and now and diminish the capacity to lead

  • Use mindfulness to quickly get into the 'Zone' and become more present and available to the situation at hand                                                             

  • Create an authentic connection with employees, colleagues and clients which is a powerful leadership tool



MindWell has taught more than 1,000 executives, teachers and students, helping them experience less stress, more joy and peak performance.  

Here's what a few of them had to say... 

“My research team at UBC studied the results of MWC’s mindfulness training and proved it positively impacts performance, creativity and conflict management.”

— Professor Daniel Skarlicki, Sauder School of Business, The University of British Columbia

“I’ve learned to see the larger picture and not let emotions take over the task. This makes the task easier and leads to better outcomes.”
“I now take bigger breaths before responding to emails that are potentially challenging, which allows me to identify the problem and possible solutions. This has led to happier colleagues and clients.”
“I’ve learned a new language to better articulate and diffuse issues at work.”
“I am happier and more empowered to deal with difficult situations – it’s nice to be able to let things go.”
“Since the training I have increased clarity which allows me to reframe situations at work.”
“I have been able to stay calmer in crisis situations.”