Mindfulness & Millennials

Millennials suffer from more mental health issues than any previous generation with one in five reporting depression symptoms and 50% saying they regularly can't sleep because of stress (average for all generations is 33%). While two-thirds of depressed millennials report their symptoms may not be severe enough to keep them home, their capacity for quality work is greatly diminished if they do show up. 

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Stress Levels Mounting

95% focused on managing or minimizing stress

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Overwhelmed by constant connectivity

84% sometimes feel overwhelmed by social media

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Balance is New Achievement

99% agree with “more and more, I’m trying to find balance in my life”

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Mindfulness Goes Mainstream

Almost 8 in 10 Millennials meditate at least once a month

The good news

The good news is that millennials are embracing mindfulness and use this tool to help manage their stress, stay focused and increase happiness.

Top Reasons Millennials Embrace Mindfulness

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Helps me function better (98%)

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Makes me happier (98%)

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 Vital antidote to the stresses of life (98%)

Mindful Mobile Users

  • 57% of Millennials use smartphones to help them be more mindful

Mind Body Green Report, “Meet The Mindful Millenial” November 2014