WEBINAR - Before the Trauma: Mindful Resiliency Training for First Responders

Constable Jon Carson from York Regional Police joined MindWell-U for a live discussion on mindfulness training for first responders.

MWU is pleased to share the broadcast with you, along with other resources including:

  • Registration for your free trial of the evidence-based 30 Day Mindfulness Challenge which has been shown among other things to reduce employee stress, increase resilience and improve performance
  • Downloadable workplace wellness content to share with your organization for October's Healthy Workplace Month
  • Results of results of MWU research study funded by the Movember Foundation, as mentioned in the webinar
  • 30 Day Challenge feasibility study and results for first responders
  • Results of poll questions asked during the webinar
  • Information on our upcoming e-mental health webinar series, co-hosted by the Mental Health Commission of Canada

Webinar broadcast

Tune in to this Q&A style webinar to watch Constable Jon Carson share key insights on:

  • The importance of teaching first responders techinques to deal with trauma before it occurs
  • Why mindfulness is an important tool in first responders' tool belts
  • How to bring about organizational culture change in regards to mental health and mindfulness

30 Day Mindfulness Challenge

We're pleased to invite you to trial the 30 Day Mindfulness Challenge as our guest starting on Monday, October 2. Complete the form below to reserve your spot - we'll email you a registration link within the next week.

In addition to being all online and only five minutes a day, the Challenge is used in the workplace because it's evidence-based and shown among other things to significantly reduce stress, increase resilience and improve performance. Everyone who takes the training gets to do so with a buddy of their choice as the buddy system is proven to increase engagement and completion. 

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First Responder Feasibility Study

In February, MindWell-U conducted a feasibility study with first responders from across Canada and confirmed members of the police, fire, rescue, ER, EMT, 911 and military communities experience significant benefits after taking 30 Day Mindfulness Challenge, including:

  • 95% feeling better about their health and wellbeing
  • 93% managing stress better
  • 92% practicing greater self-care
  • 92% focusing better on tasks
  • 91% engaging more with work & managing conflict better
  • 89% treating others more kindly
  • 88% communicating better
  • 83% experiencing improved leadership skills
  • 81% collaborating better with others
  • 80% managing time better

In addition, 97% of participants were satisfied with the training, and almost everyone said they had integrated mindfulness into their life and plan to stick with it.

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Mindfulness for men

After completing a two year research study funded by the Movember Foundation on how to deliver mindfulness training to more men, MindWell-U determined men are more likely to sign up for mindfulness training if it’s linked to business, sports or performance and delivered at work. Download this infographic on how to make mindfulness more palatable for male employees in your workforce.


Workplace Wellness Resources

October is Workplace Wellness Month and as such, MindWell-U is pleased to make a number of resources available to you and your workplace, including:

  • Article on ‘Why Add Mindfulness to a Workplace Wellness Program’
  • MWU’s top 3 tips for adding mindfulness to workplace wellness programs
  • The Take 5 instructions and podcast

To access the free resources, visit our Workplace Wellness page:

Poll Results

Below are the responses to the polls we conducted during the webinar...

UPCOMING webinar series

The Mental Health Commission of Canada & MindWell-U are co-hosting a FREE webinar series in support of Healthy Workplace Month this October.


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Webinar #2: "How to Take Action"

Tuesday, October 24 from 12:00 to 1:00 pm ET

  • Which programs he considers most effective and why
  • How to choose the right program for your organization
  • Best practices for implementing e-mental health tools
  • Cost considerations

Webinar #1: "The Ins and Outs of e-Mental Health"

  • Tuesday, October 3 from 1:00 to 2:00 p.m. ET

  • What e-mental health is and how it fills the void
  • The evidence base of its effectiveness for different mental health problems and illnesses
  • What e-mental health doesn’t do
  • Potential for impact

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