How to Encourage Employees to Speak Up, Not Shut Up

MindWell-U and Whistleblower Security are pleased to share Dr. Mary Gentile's broadcast with you, along with other resources including:

  • Registration for a free trial of the evidence-based 30 Day Mindfulness Challenge, which has been shown among other things to reduce stress, increase resilience and authenticity, and improve performance
  • Information on Giving Voice to Values and the importance of self-awareness and authenticity
  • Poll results from the webinar 
  • Registration for our next webinar: "How a Mental Health Strategy Will Pay Dividends in 2018"
  • How to reach us

Webinar broadcast

Dr. Mary Gentile shares key insights on:

  • Why it's important to give employees the skills, confidence and support to raise workplace issues 
  • How to normalize 'value conflicts' in the workplace
  • The importance of building 'moral muscle memory' 
  • The connection between mindfulness and Giving Voice to Values

30 Day Mindfulness Challenge

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We're pleased to invite you to trial the 30 Day Mindfulness Challenge as our guest starting on Monday, January 29

In addition to being all online and only five minutes a day, the Challenge is used in the workplace and academic environments because it's evidence-based and shown among other things to significantly reduce stress, increase resilience and authenticity, and improve performance. Everyone who takes the training gets to do so with a buddy of their choice as the buddy system is proven to increase engagement and completion. 

Learn more about Giving Voice to Values.

Read why ‘self-awareness’ is the latest management buzzword.

webinar Poll Results

We conducted several polls throughout the webinar and below are the responses...

Register for our Next FREE Webinar

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"How a Mental Health Strategy Will Pay Dividends in 2018"

Wednesday, January 24 from 1 to 2 pm ET

Psychologist and workplace mental health expert Dr. Marie-Hélène Pelletier will join MWU for a one hour live webinar on:

  • The business case for developing a mental health strategy for your workplace
  • Implementation best practices
  • How to deliver short-term wins with long-term gains
  • Ways to tie outcomes to ROI

If you can't attend the live broadcast no problem, register anyway and we'll send you the recording as soon as it's available.

All are welcome!

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