MWU's e-Mental Health webinar series co-hosted by the Mental Health Commission of Canada

MaryAnn Notarianni of the Mental Health Commission of Canada joined MindWell-U for the first in a series of live, interactive webinars on e-Mental Health. On this page you'll find the broadcast, presentation slides, poll results and other resources.

The second webinar, called 'How to Take Action', is being led by Dr. Peter Cornish on Tuesday, October 23 from 12 to 1 pm ET.


 Dr. Cornish will discuss: 

  •  Which e-mental programs he considers most effective 

  • How to choose the right program for your organization

  • Best practices for implementing e-mental health tools

  • Cost considerations

Webinar #1 broadcast

Tune in to this Q&A style webinar to watch MaryAnn Notarianni share key insights on:

  • What e-mental health is and how it fills the void
  • How e-mental health is being taken up in Canada
  • Potential impact of e-mental health in the workplace
  • The effectiveness of e-mental health strategies and their evidence-base

If you attended the webinar thank you for taking two minutes now to complete the short survey.


30 Day Mindfulness Challenge

We're pleased to invite you to trial the 30 Day Mindfulness Challenge as our guest starting on Wednesday, October 11. Click the link below to register.

In addition to being all online and only five minutes a day, the Challenge is used in the workplace because it's evidence-based and shown among other things to significantly reduce stress, increase resilience and improve performance. Everyone who takes the training gets to do so with a buddy of their choice as the buddy system is proven to increase engagement and completion. 

Challenge in Higher Education.png


MHCC visuals

The Mental Health Commission of Canada's graphics of e-mental health technology shown by MaryAnn during the webinar.

Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 1.52.51 PM.png

"The Power of e-Mental Health" article by Louise Bradley and JianLi Wang of Canadian HR Reporter.

Launch Best Practices

MindWell-U's best practices for launching an e-mental health tool in the workplace.

Workplace Wellness Article

"Designing and Implementing a Workplace Wellness Program" by Timothy Kelly.

Poll Results

We conducted a number of polls throughout the webinar and below are the responses...


free resources for 'Healthy Workplace Month'

MindWell-U has made a variety of resources available for free in celebration of Healthy Workplace Month in October. From details of our September meeting in Ottawa with Jon Kabat-Zinn, to tips for integrating mindfulness into existing wellness programs and content you're welcome to share from the evidence-based 30 Day Mindfulness Challenge, visit this page to access the materials

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