How a Mental Health Strategy Will Pay Dividends in 2018

Psychologist and workplace mental health expert Dr. Marie-Hélène Pelletier joined MindWell-U for a one-hour live webinar and we're pleased to share the broadcast with you, along with other resources including:

  • Registration for a free trial of the evidence-based 30 Day Mindfulness Challenge, which has been shown among other things to reduce stress, increase resilience, and improve performance
  • Tools and resources from the Mental Health Commission of Canada and CivicAction
  • Poll results from webinar participants
  • Details on a mindfulness workshop for leaders
  • Registration for MWU's upcoming free webinars

Webinar broadcast

Dr. Pelletier shares key insights on:

  • Why organizations need a mental health strategy
  • How to build a business case for a mental health strategy 
  • Working with what you already have
  • How to navigate roadblocks and barriers to success


30 Day Mindfulness Challenge

We're pleased to invite you to trial the 30 Day Mindfulness Challenge as our guest starting on Monday, January 29


In addition to being all online and only five minutes a day, the Challenge is used in the workplace and academic environments because it's evidence-based and shown among other things to 'significantly' reduce stress, increase resilience and improve performance. And, everyone who takes the Challenge gets to do so with a buddy of their choice because the buddy system is proven to increase engagement and completion. 

When you take the Challenge, keep in mind in the workplace it:

Screen Shot 2017-11-28 at 5.37.58 PM.png
  • Can be linked to existing health and wellness strategies and initiatives so it's not the 'flavour of the month'.
  • Can be positioned differently for different audiences (ie leadership training, safety training, stress management training, conflict resolution training, team building training, Return to Work support, etc.)
  • Tracks 15+ outcomes so utilization and ROI is clear (two in-Challenge surveys measure changes in mental health, resilience, stress, physical health, self-care, performance, engagement and more)


Leadership Workshop

webinar Poll Results

We conducted a few polls throughout the webinar and below are the responses...

upcoming FREE Webinars

Liz Drance.png

"Mindfulness Skills in Dementia Caregiving - Why Both Care Partners Benefit"

Tuesday, February 27 from 1 to 2 pm ET

Dr. Elisabeth Drance joins MWU for a one hour live webinar on:

  • The benefits of integrating Take 5 into your every day life as a dementia caregiver
  • Mindfulness as a key self care strategy (ie dealing with fear, grief and frustration, accepting what is, letting go of things that don’t really matter)
  • Simple, mindful communication practices to minimize responsive behaviours (sacred pause, S.T.O.P practice, connecting rather than correcting)
  • How mindfulness optimizes our ability to create joyful experiences and to “take in the good” of those moments.
Jaisa Sulit.jpg

"Mindfulness & the Road to Recovery"

Wednesday, April 4 from 1 to 2 pm ET

MBSR coach and Occupational Therapist Jaisa Sulit joins MWU for a one hour live webinar on:

  • How mindfulness helped with her own recovery post injury and helps her live well today with a physical disability. 
  • The foundational attitudes of mindfulness and how these translate into practical strategies for coping with stress, anxiety, chronic pain and fatigue. 
  • Tips on how to cultivate an informal mindfulness practice, making any moment a mindful moment without the need to take time out of your day.

All are welcome to register for these free webinars. If you can’t attend the live broadcasts please register anyway and we’ll send you the recordings as soon as they are available.

Contact Information

If you'd like to know more about MindWell-U, the 30 Day Mindfulness Challenge or our workshops, please contact Co-Founder Ann Gallery at