WEBINAR: A Mindful Approach to Psychological Health & Safety

Registered Psychologist Dr. Gayle Goldstein joined MindWell-U for a live, interactive discussion about her experience assisting supervisors, human resources personnel and employees through challenging workplace events. She also shared several mental health models and strategies for intervening with employees that enhance psychological health and safety.

As promised, MWU is pleased to share the broadcast with you, along with other resources including:

  • The mental health models referenced during the webinar 
  • Results of the poll questions asked during the webinar
  • Registration for your free trial of the evidence-based 30 Day Mindfulness Challenge which has been shown among other things to reduce employee stress, increase resilience and improve performance 

Webinar broadcast

Tune in to this Q&A style webinar to watch Dr. Goldstein share key insights on:

  • Evolution of Psychological Health and Safety in the workplace
  • Relationship between mental illness and mental health
  • Key skills and training for promoting a positive work environment/prevention and early intervention

30 Day Mindfulness Challenge

We're pleased to invite you to trial the 30 Day Mindfulness Challenge as our guest starting on Monday, July 31 (not to worry, you can take the training on your smart phone from a beach or lake or mountaintop if you're so fortunate!). In addition to being all online and only five minutes a day, the Challenge is used in the workplace because it's evidence-based and shown among other things to significantly reduce stress, increase resilience and improve performance. Everyone who takes the training gets to do so with a buddy of their choice as the buddy system is proven to increase engagement and completion. 

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Mental health models

Source: http://www.studentminds.org.uk/

Source: http://www.studentminds.org.uk/

Source: Mental Health Commission of Canada

Source: Mental Health Commission of Canada

Poll Results

Here are the results of your responses during the webinar:

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Upcoming Research Study - looking for participants

MindWell-U is teaming up again with UBC's Sauder School of Business to test the effects of employee mindfulness training on workplace:

  • Psychological health & safety
  • Attitudes & behaviours
  • Stress, burnout and the ROI of resiliency
  • Performance
  • Presenteeism

Mindfulness training needs to be delivered to a minimum of 250 employees in Fall 2017.

For more information on the study design, reporting and associated costs, please fill out the form we'll get back to you with the specifics.

upcoming webinars

MindWell-U is finalizing its upcoming schedule of mindfulness webinars on a number of topics including:

  • Addiction
  • Return to Work
  • Physical Safety
  • Bias
  • First Responders
  • Parenting
  • And more

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