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Wellness Together Canada Presents

MindWell for Healthcare Workers

Experience Maximum Well-Being in Minimum Time

A program designed by healthcare workers for healthcare workers to: 

  • feel confident, capable and calm amidst chaos

  • build resilience to bounce back quickly

  • improve overall well-being

Practice Mindfulness without adding another thing to already overwhelmed schedules. 

Why Now?

The pandemic has created an unprecedented challenge

for health care organizations and institutions in which

more than 80% of healthcare providers experience

anxiety, stress, and/or burnout.

(Amnesty International Organization, 2020; Hu et al., 2020; Son et al., 2020)

Surgeon in Uniform

Healthcare workers who engaged in MindWell's training...

... experienced significant increases in levels of mindfulness and resilience and significant decreases in PTSD, burnout and anxiety in just four weeks.

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of participants felt the training benefited
their mental health
& well-being.
of participants felt the training improved
the way they handle stress.
"This course is worth the 10-20 minutes a day you spend on it. It reminds you to check yourself and that you are the only person in control of your emotions and how you choose to react."
- MindWell for Healthcare Participant

The MindWell Solution

Industry-Speacfic Content

for easy comprehension & integration.

Simple & Effective Tools

evidence-based tools for anytime, anywhere.

Accessibility on all Devices

so any moment can be a learning moment. 

An interactive training:   • Research-backed  • Bilingual  • Quantifiable results   • On-demand training  • 10-15 minutes a day​

“The Labs (training) have helped to alleviate stress and overcome feelings of wanting to give up on my career.” 
- MindWell for Healthcare Participant
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