This hub is where you can find all the resources you'll need to engage your organization and get the most out of your MindWell license.   

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Welcome to MindWell

Learn all about the MindWell platform, how it works and how the training will benefit your organization! 

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Marketing MindWell

An outline of the simple steps to get your organization set up on the MindWell platform.

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Community of Practice

MindWell's hub of information for our Community of Practice. Research, updates & more!


Everything you need to market MindWell!


How to use the Digital Marketing Kit

The resources in the kit can be used in any combination to help you promote MindWell at your organization. There is typically a draft email you can customize as well as a supporting visual or video for all elements.


Additionally, there are communications plan templates you can use to create customized campaigns.

Customizable Marketing Templates

Draft Email to Employees
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Introduces the MindWell platform and the benefits employees can expect to see + provides details on registration.

Challenge Launch Steps
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An outline of key steps for a successful launch at your organization.

Draft Article

Repurpose for your organization's intranet site, blog, newsletter or PR efforts.

Communications Plan
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A comms plan you can use as a template for your launch, maintaining momentum & leveraging awareness days/weeks.

Draft Email to Managers
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Provides leaders & managers with an overview of MindWell + how they can support engagement with their teams.

Draft Speaking Points
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An overview of MindWell + speaking points for remarks, meetings, presentations, etc.

Promotional Tools & Assets

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MindWell Challenge Trailer
Challenge Trailer_ICON.png

You can use this video to help promote the MindWell Challenge. Some people host it on their company intranet.

Intro to Mindfulness & MindWell Video
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Two videos that provide an introduction to mindfulness + orientation to the MindWell platform.

How to Start a Mindfulness Practice

Five simple steps for starting a mindfulness practice. Include your company's registration link!

MindWell Platform
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A poster that gives an overview of everything employees have access to on the MindWell platform.

Take 5 Postcards 
Take 5 Postcard_Icon.png

Choose a postcard that suits your employee-base best. Can be used for social posts or printed for desk drops.

How to Hardwire
for Happiness

One of our favourite lessons from the MindWell Challenge. Three simple steps to hardwiring your brain for happiness!

MindWell Poster
MindWell Poster_ICON.png

A poster you can use to help support your MindWell launch. Include your company registration link at the bottom!

Handling Emotions
at Work

Tips for managing emotions at work (and in life!). 

Studio Be
Studio Be_ICON.png

Steps for promoting Studio Be can be found here. Download visuals at the buttons below!

Team Building with MindWell

Share with managers to give them an idea how to use MindWell training as a team building initiative.

Studio Be
Daily Schedule
Studio Be Graphic - Wix Version.png

Studio Be Daily Schedule Infographic

Mini MindWell

Steps for promoting the Mini MindWell Challenge can be found here. Download posters at the buttons below.

Mindful Manager's
Tool Kit
Mindful Manager's Tool Kit_icon.png

A toolkit to support managers who would like to use MindWell with their teams.

MindWell FAQs

Responses to typical questions about the MindWell Challenge + developing a mindfulness practice in general. 

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A selection of videos you can use to engage new employees!