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Mental health training for today's leaders

Address employee mental health issues, rising resignation rates, employee engagement and the challenges of a constantly changing world by going straight to the most impactful people in your business - the people leaders. 


MindWell for Leaders gives managers and people leaders the skills they need to keep your employees happy, healthy and engaged. 

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Healthier Leaders

MindWell for Leaders teaches leaders how to understand their own mental health, how to practise self-compassion and how to seek support. It also gives them the skills they need to confidently address and support their team members’ mental health.

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Happier Teams

When employees feel supported by their leaders and managers, they’re more engaged, more productive and less likely to start looking for another job. MindWell for Leaders develops leadership skills that help managers make the transition from boss to supportive coaches, like building trust, how to have difficult conversations and how to lead with empathy.


Stronger Organizations

Confident and capable managers leading teams of engaged employees do great work. The ripple effects of MindWell for Leaders will be felt throughout your organization from the culture, to the way people speak to each other, to your bottom line. 

Why invest in MindWell for Leaders?

You're in good company...


What's included

MindWell for Leaders consists of  four interactive and engaging online self-guided modules  that teach leaders how to:

  • Express empathy for their employees

  • Actively listen so they can better understand their employees’ perspectives

  • Clearly set and communicate expectations so their employees know what they need to do and why it matters to the broader goals of the organization

  • Lean into difficult or uncomfortable conversations so everyone feels heard and respected

  • Create ongoing feedback loops and open discussions about performance and how employees can meet and exceed manager expectations and their own

  • Notice signs that an employee is struggling with their mental health

  • Confidently respond to mental health issues

A Monthly Community of Practice so leaders can:

  • Connect and build community with other people leaders and managers 

  • Maintain and deepen their learning through regular live sessions

"This is the best piece of e-learning I have ever worked with"

Pam August, Director Culture Activation, WestJet

about MindWell's foundational training,

the MindWell Challenge

  • Effective, resilient managers and leaders are one of the best predictors of high employee retention rates. The 2017 Life Meets Work study found that 79% of employees with resilient leaders wanted to advance within the organization, while only 55% of those with a leader who is less capable of managing stress felt the same. 

  • “Managers account for 70% of the variance in team engagement, and for managers to positively influence employee wellbeing, they must be upskilled from boss to coach so that they can have honest, meaningful, developmental conversations with their team members.” Gallup State of the Global Workplace 2021 Report


Mindfulness has been an important tool for me, not just to manage my own stress level, but to help respond instead of react, make space for intelligent decision-making, and create higher levels of team engagement.

Jordan Friesen

MindWell for Leaders Co-Designer & Mental Health Expert

People don't leave jobs, they leave managers

Ready to support your leaders with the Mental Health training they need?

Your organization will thank you!

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