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Mindfulness & Performance: 

The intention is to Win. The point is to Transform.

Derek Covington, Founder and Principal of First Water Performance joins MindWell Founder and Chief Training Officer, Dr. Geoff Soloway to discuss mindful performance. This includes, what a mindful performer is, the costs and benefits of perfectionism, the doorways to creating flow, understanding the glitch of goals and more!

As former Director, Olympic Performance for the Canadian Olympic Committee, in a career spanning over twenty years and nine Olympic Games, Derek is passionate for building environments where people can maximize their potential and realize their best selves.

Having designed performance preparation programs for one of the toughest and most unpredictable environments in the world - the Olympic Games - Derek and the Collective now bring their experience to performance-oriented individuals, teams and progressive organizations in business, sports, arts, and life towards achieving their goals.

He is a trained mindful performance enhancement (mPEAK) instructor through the Centre for Mindfulness at the University California, San Diego, and works with individuals, groups and teams looking to increase their capacity to live and perform mindfully.


Using Mindfulness to Enjoy the Journey and the Destination

Acceptance: Moving From a Negative Space to a Positive Space

Perfectionism: Understanding Your Inner Critic

Enhancing Your Performance by Being in the Moment

Detaching Yourself From Your Results

Mindfulness Opens the Doorway to Flow

The Problem of Perfectionism

Using Mindfulness to Enhance Individual and Team Performance


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