Nutrition: A Foundation for Mental Resilience

MindWell Founder Dr. Geoff Soloway hosted a webinar with Dr. Bonnie Kaplan to discuss:

  • The nutrients you need for optimal brain health

  • The connection between nutrition and mental health

  • Becoming more resilient through nutrition

  • Vegetarian vs. carnivorous diets - which is better?

  • And more!


Check out the highlights from their conversation! 


The Nutrients You Need for Optimal Brain Health

How Some Medications Negatively Affect Nutrient Levels

Treating OCD with Micronutrients

Vegetarian vs. Carnivorous Diets - Which is Better?

Becoming More Resilient Through Nutrition

Eating Healthfully is Cheaper than You Think

Treating Inflammation with ATP and Micronutrients

The Connection Between Nutrition & Mental Health

How Bad is Sugar for Mental Health?

3 Steps to Improve Mental Health through Nutrition


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