Frequently asked questions

How is MindWell-U different than all the other mindfulness apps out there?

For starters, we're not an app. MindWell-U teaches an evidence-based curriculum that has been shown by university researchers at the Sauder School of Business to:

  • Lower stress
  • Increase resilience
  • Improve performance
We also teach 'mindfulness-in-action' so busy people can become more present and enaged with whatever it is they're doing... no yoga mats, scented candles or dark rooms required. Visit our Services page to see how we can support your employees and workplace culture today.

Does your training really work?

Yes! Our in-person and online training has been studied by researchers at the Sauder School of Business and is shown to 'significantly improve' performance, optimism, engagement and more. Here's what the lead researcher has to say...

What is Take 5?

Take 5 is the core mindfulness practice taught in the 30 Day Mindfulness Challenge. It's woven throughout the online training so that Take 5 becomes a habit by the end. Take 5 is comprised of five easy steps that are designed to get you out of your head and into your body so you can become more focused and engaged with whatever you're doing. That's why the 30 Day Mindfulness Challenge is so effective in the workplace... Take 5 can be practiced in the middle of landing a plane, paving a road, operating on a patient, or delivering a presentation. It also make family dinners much more enjoyable too!

What courses do you offer?

MindWell-U provides in-person as well as online training that improves employee mental health. We also provide one-on-one online consults for those wanting to take their knowledge and skills further. Our training is both rooted in the neuroscience of mindfulness as well as evidence-based.

How much does your training cost?

Individuals can sign up for the 30 Day Mindfulness Challenge at any time and the cost is just $25 and includes a buddy of their choice. For organizations wanting to bring the Challenge to their workplace, the cost is substantially less and is based on the number of eligible employees. Included in the cost is:

  1. Buddy for each employee
  2. Digital Marketing Kit so launching the Challenge is turnkey
  3. Live HR Dashboard which tracks outcomes and ROI in real time
  4. Quarlerly marketing support to boost utilization
MindWell-U also delivers in-person training including employee workshops of varying lengths, presentations, classes and retreats. For a detailed quote, please email us today.

How do I bring mindfulness training to my workplace?

We make delivering mindfulness training at the workplace easy for our clients as we know they have a lot on their plates. For the 30 Day Mindfulness Challenge, we provide clients with a registration URL which they then push out to all employees. Employees then complete the registration from there. Our Digital Marketing Kit (included in the cost of the Challenge) makes launching the Challenge turnkey. See what some of our clients have to say on our Testimonials page. Training employees by Webinar is a fast and effective way to reach a wide audience. MindWell-U customizes content based on the audience (ie intro to mindfulness, how mindfulness improves safety, mindfulness & wellbeing, etc) and records the interactive session so employees who couldn't tune in live can access later. When it comes to In-Person training, MWU can either create a bespoke program for employees or participate in an existing conference or workshop as we've done for a variety of clients including Coca-Cola, Enbridge and PwC. For recommendations or a quote, please email us today.