February Webinar / MindWell-U

Dr. Adam A. Kay will join MindWell-U’s Geoff Soloway to discuss:


  • What is psychological capital and its relationship with mindfulness and work performance?

  • Evidence that mindfulness improves pro-social behaviour in the workplace and work performance.

  • Whose performance improves from mindfulness training the most and why.

MindWell U offers mindfulness-based organizational development & training. Our training develops Resilient People, Collaborative Teams and Mindful Cultures. We help our clients become Mindful Organizations by targeting the whole organization including executives, leaders and employees. 


MindWell-U teaches Mindfulness-in-Action:  A core competency central to focus, resilience, innovation, relationships and leadership in today's world. Our services are Evidence-based, Bilingual and Blended (online and in-person).

Dr. Adam A. Kay is a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Management at the University of Queensland. He is a former biotech business manager, executive coach, and international arbitration lawyer. Dr. Kay earned his Ph.D. on “mindfulness at work” at the University of British Columbia, and he is an award-winning teacher whose research interests extend to wisdom, moral identity, performance, and corporate social responsibility. 

Dr. Geoff Soloway, MindWell-U founder, has been working in the area of health promotion, mindfulness and wellbeing for almost 20 years. Geoff completed a PhD on Mindfulness at the University of Toronto, as well as a Master's of Education on Holistic Education. Geoff has worked as an Instructor at University of Toronto and University of British Columbia (UBC) and as a consultant offering mindfulness-based workshops and programs for professionals in the workplace. Geoff received a certificate in Organizational Coaching for UBC.

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