Resilient Minds: Mindfulness-based skills for Police Officers and First Responders

Richard Goerling, certified mindfulness trainer, a retired police officer and military veteran, joined MindWell for this webinar, specifically designed for police officers and first responders. In this session Richard informs us how to: 


  • Understand occupational stress injury and the interventions necessary to move into trauma recovery, healing and for setting conditions for post traumatic growth.

  • Understand and train toward a growth mindset and influence a growth mindset       culture among your tribe.

  • Build skills in self-awareness, self-compassion and self-regulation.

  • Cultivate positive thinking habits to develop your skillful inner coach.

  • Explore your capacity for leadership of self and others.

  • Develop a pathway toward a sustainable, personal mindfulness practice that integrates into the rhythms of daily living at work and home.

Check out the highlights from their conversation! 


Mindset: Why we train mindfulness?

Actions toward Post Traumatic Growth

Mindfulness is about creating attention

Qualities of Mindfulness

Putting the Qualities of Mindfulness Into Action

Four Neuropathways that Mindfulness Transforms

Incorporating Mindfulness Into Your Work Day

Key Takeways


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