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Value Proposition of a Mindful Leader

The key components of mindfulness practice - openness, patience and non-judgment - are also essential skills for good leadership.

Hear from three different leaders on how they are using mindfulness to become better leaders and build happier, more resilient and less-stressed organizations. View the clips below!

jonathan caplan.png

Jonathan Chaplan, Regional Director General Department of Justice, shares his unique perspective on how mindfulness practice has helped him both professionally and personally.


Nancy Pike, Director General Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency shares how she is just beginning her mindfulness practice and also discusses bringing mindfulness training to ACOA via the MindWell-U Mindfulness Challenge.  


Dr. Geoff Soloway, Founder and Chief Training Office at MindWell-U, discusses mindfulness as a core competency and explains how the Mindfulness Challenge offers organizations a way to develop this competency in their employees. 

Dr. Geoff Soloway

Dr. Soloway discusses several questions:

  • What is the #1 quality of leadership excellence?

  • How is the traffic in your mind today? And how does this affect your ability to be a leader/

  • What are the costs of mindlessness to leadership?

He also explains what happens when we let our thought trains take over and walks us through a Take 5 practice, MindWell-U's core teaching in the Mindfulness Challenge. 

Jonathan Chaplan

Learn why waiting for the elevator can be a blessing, walking to work without headphones is good for you and even eating a Krispy Kreme doughnut can be mindful from Jonathan Chaplan. 

Jonathan is a long-time mindfulness and meditation practitioner. He shares his experience and offers some practical tips.

Nancy Pike

Nancy offers a different perspective, as she is new the practice of mindfulness. Nancy provides great insight into what launching a mindfulness program at an organization can look like and how ACOA is using the Mindfulness Challenge as an additional tool to help improve workplace well being.

Nancy also shares how the Mindfulness Challenge is helping her become more aware of her stress triggers and her reaction to those triggers. She is working on bringing the mindfulness she is able to cultivate while gardening into more stressful moments she experiences as a leader.

Select government clients offering the Mindfulness Challenge:

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