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Mindfulness and the Road to Recovery

Occupational Therapist and MBSR instructor Jaisa Sulit joins MindWell-U for a one-hour live webinar and we're pleased to share the broadcast with you, along with other resources including:

  • Free downloads of Jaisa's guided mindfulness audio and MWU's mindfulness-in-action practice, Take 5

  • How to purchase one-on-one online sessions with Jaisa

  • Information on the 30 Day Mindfulness Challenge (shown among other things to reduce stress, increase resilience, and improve performance)

  • Registration for MWU's upcoming free webinars

Note that we make a variety of free Workplace Wellness resources available to employers and they can be accessed HERE.

Check back for the recording next week

Webinar Broadcast

Jaisa Sulit will discuss on the webinar:

  • Foundational attitudes of mindfulness and how these translate into practical strategies for coping with stress, anxiety, chronic pain and fatigue.

  • Tips on how to cultivate an informal mindfulness practice, making any moment a mindful moment without the need to take time out of your day.

Online Consult with Jaisa Sulit

As an MBSR Instructor and Occupational Therapist, Jaisa Sulit helps clients improve their physical and / or mental health and well-being. Among other things, Jaisa teaches practical strategies for coping with stress, anxiety, chronic pain and fatigue. 

Jaisa has made 15 one-hour private consulting sessions available online this April and May. Visit MindWell-U's online coaching page to see pricing and availability.

"I've been suffering with a concussion for almost a year and a half and the online sessions I had with Jaisa were a huge help to my recovery. Jaisa gave me some mindfulness tools that I use throughout my busy day which enable me to keep working during my recovery"
- Ian March, Vancouver

Webinar Resources

Download Jaisa's guided mindfulness practices:

  • 3 minute breathing space

  • 45 minute body scan

  • 45 minute sitting meditation

  • 45 minute mindful movement in standing

  • 45 minute mindful movement in lying

Listen to the Take 5 podcast

Download the Take 5 instructions

Take 5MindWell-U

30 Day Mindfulness Challenge

The 30 Day Mindfulness Challenge is an online training that's just 5-10 minutes a day yet proven by university researchers to significantly increase:

  • Resilience & Mental Health

  • Engagement & Focus

  • Communication & Conflict Management


The Challenge is comprised of short and sharp videos, podcasts, emails and texts.

What makes the Challenge unique is that it teaches a real curriculum (it's not another meditation app) where people learn how to become more mindful wherever they are, whatever they're doing.


Best of all, the Challenge is just $25 and includes a free buddy of your choice to take the full training with you.

Upcoming Free Webinar

Making Mistakes in High-Reliability Organizations

April 18, 2018 2:00 to 3:00 pm ET

We all make mistakes, but it’s what happens next that matters most in high-reliability organizations. Join LSE-trained organizational social psychologist Dr. Ellen Choi as she explains:


  • How mindfulness training helps employees learn from mistakes, not hide or worry about them

  • How mindfulness supports workplace safety and productivity

  • Which factors contribute to making a workplace mindfulness intervention more likely to succeed

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