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When life doesn't go as planned: 

How Larry Linton uses mindfulness to thrive after his Parkinson's diagnosis

In the midst of a global crisis, most of us no longer have to imagine what it would be like for our lives to be completely changed by unexpected bad news.


How do we cope when life throws us a curve ball? How do we move forward from it? How do we learn to thrive in our new realities?


Larry Linton, B.A., LL.B, C.S., was progressing steadily through his career as a corporate immigration lawyer when he came face-to-face with a life altering diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease in 2012.


In this engaging and entertaining webinar, Larry will take us on his life’s journey after his diagnosis and how he reinvented himself emotionally and physically to live a life with Parkinson’s Disease that, in many respects, is more rewarding, fulfilling and meaningful after his diagnosis than before.


Dr. Geoff Soloway, MindWell Founder, will speak with Larry about:

  • How he coped during the dark days following the diagnosis

  • How he deals with the motor symptoms of Parkinson’s (exercise!)

  • How a daily mindfulness practice has helped him deal with the non-motor symptoms of the disease


By sharing his life story and the coping skills that he has developed, Larry hopes to inspire others faced with a chronic illness or life changing event to live their most authentic lives, too.


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