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Lasting Habit Change: 
How Does it Happen?

We are all creatures of habit. The ability to form habits has survival value, though today, many of our habits are undermining our quality of life - even shortening our lives.And science can help!


In this webinar, MindWell Founder Dr. Geoff Soloway hosted Nancy Logue PhD, MSS, Robin Boudette, PhD to discuss:

  • How the latest research on changing habits like smoking, stress eating and worrying can help you create better habits faster

  • How mindfulness is a key ingredient in letting go of old habits and reinforcing new habits

  • The evidenced-based three step model for changing your habits


Check out the highlights from their conversation! 


The Evidence: Mindfulness for Habit Change
How are Habits Created?
How Can Simply 'Paying Attention' Help Change Habits?
Overcoming Bad Habits is Not Conceptual - it's Sensual
How to Handle the Discomfort of Resisting Bad Habits
Understanding the Habit of Worrying (and how to overcome it)
5-Finger Breathing Technique to Alleviate Habit Patterns in the Moment
The Evidenced-Based 3-Step Model for Changing Your Habits
The Most Important Aspects of LASTING Habit Change
How to Build Positive Habits (like exercise or self-care)
Not Sure Where to Start?
Start Where It's Easy

The MindWell Challenge can help your employees build the skills they

need to meet the uncertainty of today's world.

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