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How can you take your leadership to the next level?

This webinar is about how to earn the trust, gain the respect and unlock the genius of your teams. Sophie Abboud, CEO and Founder of the Mindful Business Leadership enterprise, joined MindWell to discuss self-awareness, developing emotional intelligence, practicing resiliency and building compassion.


You’ll learn:

  • How to take ownership as a way to express self-awareness

  • How to develop integrity to gain the respect and trust of your teams

  • How to build resiliency as a practice to show vulnerability, compassion and play    ​​


Check out the highlights from their conversation! 


Self-awareness: Taking ownership

Accountability is an important tool for successful teams

The first 4 principals of leadership

Leadership in a remote work environment

Ambition & setting realistic goals

Integrity: Aligning thoughts, words and actions

Resilience: Being able to survive and thrive

Leaders: How to have difficult conversations


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