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Mental Health Week

As a leading healthtech firm, MWU is pleased to make these resources available to you and your workplace in support of Mental Health Week May 7-13. You're welcome to download, share with friends, colleagues and employees, and discuss these free materials. 


Five tips for starting a mindfulness practice
How to Hardwire Happiness 

Free Webinars in May

If you can't attend the live broadcast, no problem... register anyway and we'll send you the recording as soon as it's available.

Exercising the Mind for Mental Health in the Workplace

May 8, 2018   1 to 2 pm ET

Lyne Moussa joins MindWell-U for a first-hand conversation on how mindfulness benefits organizations and workplace mental health. Lyne will discuss:

  • Journey of integrating mindfulness as a mental health initiative at Coast Capital

  • Busting myth: the quest to understand by asking, reading, testing and believing: Courage and Conviction

  • Empowering an inherent human ability- recognize the change that is happening to us- unstoppable; sedentary is the new reality, so we need to be deliberate in our own salvation with both physical and mental fitness.

Overseeing all health related inquiries, issues and remedies for productive and happy employees balanced with preventive and fun health initiatives is a daily goal for Lyne Moussa, Manager Wellness, Safety and Disability. With a successful roll-out of a one-day Mental Health workshop for leaders and a 3 hour version for all staff, Lyne Moussa continues to help normalize the conversation empowering employees to lean on support and access resources sooner than later. With a BSc, in Biology, Diploma in Human Resources Management, CPHR, Diploma in Disability and Rehabilitation Management, Certificate in Leading a Mentally Healthy Workplace and Certificate in Mediation & Conflict Resolution, Lyne’s purpose is to enable self-care in others so they can realize the benefits to themselves and all those around them.

How Mindfulness Helps Addicts & Their Families Recover

May 30, 2018   1 to 2 pm ET

Professor, Substance Abuse Expert, Criminologist and Behavioural Scientist Geri Bemister joins MindWell-U for a one hour Q & A on how mindfulness helps addicts and their families on their journey to recovery by:


  • Teaching them how to stay in the moment without judgement, one day at a time

  • Lowering stress which is critical to a drug addict in recovery who is much more sensitive to stress 

  • Hardwiring happiness so everyone can notice, savour and enjoy the happy moments which can be few and far between

  • Boosting the immune system which is compromised by stress and drug & alcohol abuse

Ms. Bemister was recently appointed to the Canadian Centre for Substance Abuse’s Expert Advisory Committee and is the Executive Director at VisionQuest Recovery Society. VisionQuest assists in the rehabilitation, reintegration and healing recovery of men in various stages of the Canadian Criminal Justice System.

How To: Hardwire Happiness



​Take 5 is the core 'mindfulness-in-action' practice we teach in the 30 Day Mindfulness Challenge. Take 5 gets us out of our heads and into our bodies regardless of where we are, who we're with or what we're doing.


Here are the instructions which you're welcome to print and share at your workplace.

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