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Mindfulness & the Executive Brain: What's Good for Health is Good for Business

Dr. Di Giulio recently joined Dr. Geoff Soloway, Founder of MindWell U, to speak about the benefits of mindfulness training for senior executives. Their conversation covered:

  • Understanding common pain points of executives

  • Strategies for meeting the demands of the modern executive

  • The effects of mindfulness on the brain and the ROI on performance 

Dr. Di Giulio is the Director of Psychology at Medcan. In her clinical practice, she sees clients for a wide range of conditions including stress and anxiety, depression, workplace wellness and managing challenging personal and professional relationships. She is often consulted on individual counselling, executive health and corporate mental wellness programs.

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Webinar Highlights

It's Lonely at the Top

The Science of Mindfulness

The ROI of Mindfulness

 Strategies for Mental Health

Debunking the Myths of Mindfulness

A "Well" Organization is Mindful by Definition

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