Mindful Leaders at Work:
Prepared, Effective and Safe 

MindWell Founder Dr. Geoff Soloway hosted a webinar with Mary Ann Baynton, MSW, RSW, Jordan Friesen, M.O.T., Ellen Choi, PhD to discuss:

  • The back-to-work checklist for mindful leaders to create an easier transition

  • How to manage hybrid teams and working remotely in a psychologically safe way

  • Tips for using mindfulness to create a safe and supportive community in the workplace 

  • Examine current and optimal mindsets for returning to work


Check out the highlights from their conversation! 


Setting Guidelines for Back-to-Work

Overcoming Challenges with Hybrid Teams & Creating Results-Orented Outcomes

Recognizing Mental Health Issues within Remote Teams

Best Preparation Practices for Back-to-Work

Overcoming Guilt around Resting or Taking a Break

Addressing Covid-Specific Fears, Opinions and Choices

Steps to Notice, Handle and Overcome Anxiety and Stress

Compassion & Self-Compassion ≠ Fixing Everyone's Problems


People leaders are instrumental in developing and maintaining positive work cultures. 

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