Becoming ChangeMakers Through Deep Listening
Mindfulness is Key!

Dale Curd, host of CBC's Hello Goodbye recently joined MindWell-U’s Geoff Soloway to discuss the art and mastery of listening. Deep listening is at the heart of becoming a ChangeMaker and is a skill we can all benefit from. In this webinar, we explored:

  • In a world focused on talking, learn how Empathetic Listening creates change.

  • Understand the powerful interconnection between mindfulness, listening and emotional intelligence or EQ.

  • See how crucial listening is towards building highly collaborative teams and groups and creating lasting interpersonal influence.

Dale Curd

Genuine, intuitive, approachable, wise and articulate; Dale Curd is in his third season as Host of acclaimed CBC documentary television show Hello Goodbye, in which he engages strangers in conversations as they prepare to greet or see off loved ones at Toronto’s Pearson Airport.

Webinar Highlights

Dale Curd & his Personal Narrative

Deep Listening as a form of Mindful Practice