Mental Edge: Mindful for Peak Performance / MindWell-U

Mental Edge: Mindful for Peak Performance 

Cst. Renae Stevenson joined Dr. Geoff Soloway, Founder of MindWell U to speak mindfulness and peak performance. They discussed:

  1. Interoceptive Resilience: establishing the body as the primary focus of attention and platform upon which mindfulness unfolds.

  2. Performance Stories: the universality of the wandering mind and the fruitlessness of trying to stop the mind from wandering.

  3. Building Grit: using the experience of working with the body as a way of grounding oneself in the moment in the face of difficulty.

  4. Inner Coaches: Perfectionism and self-criticism can seem to be good motivators, but research clearly shows that people perform more effectively when motivated by encouragement, reward and self-compassion.

Cst. Renae Stevenson is a Mindfulness Missionary.  She is a police officer in British Columbia with 22 years of experience, primarily in major crime investigations and surveillance.  She holds a BA in Psychology and Sociology, an MA in Leadership and Education, and from UC San Diego’s School of Medicine, is Teacher Qualified in mPEAK (Mindful Performance Enhancement, Awareness Knowledge) and Teacher Trained in MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction).  Her master’s research examined mindfulness as a resilience strategy for first responders.

Webinar Highlights

How Cst. Stevenson Found Mindfulness

What is Interoceptive Resilience?

How Our Brains Create Stories from Patterns

How to Toggle Between Reacting & Responding Using Mindfulness

Developing your Inner Coach

Mindfulness Training as Part of First Responder Recruit Academies

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Cst.Carson is a 20 year veteran in policing and Canada's foremost leader in bringing mindfulness to first responders.