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Mindfulness-Based Return to Work:

Building Employee Resilience

Tamara Soloway, Occupational Therapist and Clinical Director of MindWell U, recently joined Dr. Geoff Soloway, Founder of MindWell U, to discuss how mindfulness training assists clients returning to work following an absence related to mental health conditions. They'll discuss:


  • The current landscape of Mental Health & Disability Management  

  • Evidence-based factors impacting Return to Work and Stay at Work 

    • Individual, Disability Management & Organizational Level Interventions

  • Overview of Mindfulness-Based Return to Work Program

  • Case Studies & Best Practices

Tamara Soloway BSc., MScOT is a registered Occupational Therapist who brings over 10-years of experience working across diverse practice settings and with clients from BlueCross, WorkSafe BC, ICBC and Great West Life. Tamara is  an interdisciplinary team member, researcher and preceptor that continues to provide a strong evidenced-based foundation for her work.

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Webinar Highlights

What is the role of Occupational Therapist and Return to Work

How does Mindfulness fit into Mental Health?

How does MindWell training relate to front line blue collar workers?

What are the evidence based factors for return to work?

How does the Mindfulness-Based Return to Work program fit for someoene coping with Anxiety or Depression? 

How do employers balance productivity and return to work? 

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