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Mindful Checklists: Improving Workplace Safety 

Dr. Shelley Parker joins Dr. Geoff Soloway, Founder of MindWell U, to speak about the positive impacts of mindfulness on workplace safety. They'll discuss:

  • Science of mindfulness and applied psychology within an industrial setting

  • The application of a mindful approach to checklists to reduce workplace incidents and errors while on autopilot 

  • A case study on improving New Brunswick Power’s Safety Record

Dr. Shelley Delano Parker is NB Power’s Industrial Psychologist working within the Corporate Health & Safety group. She offers the scientific perspective of the field of applied psychology within an industrial setting. This enables the development of a unique, psychological approach to safety  and the use of mindfulness to reduce workplace incidents. As a result of this approach, NB Power was the recipient of two national gold medal awards: Canada’s Safest Employer and the Psychological Safety Award.

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Webinar Highlights

Mindful Checklists

Let's Up the 10!

Mindfulness, Mental Health & Occupational Safety

The Importance of Ownership

We don't need a better hard hat

Focusing on the Person

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