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Are You Mindful of Your Unconscious Bias?

Parker Johnson recently joined MindWell-U’s Geoff Soloway to discuss unconscious bias and how mindfulness can help reduce its impact. In this webinar, we explored:

  • The psychology and neuroscience of unconscious bias

  • The consequences of unconscious bias despite good intentions

  • Examples of micro-inequities showing up in daily behaviour

  • Ways to reduce impact of unconscious bias

Parker Johnson has been working in the field of harassment and discrimination prevention, workplace equity and inclusion, conflict resolution and organizational change for over 15 years in Canada. Prior to moving to Canada in 2002, he worked in the US in higher education administration and policy focusing on diversity, equity and inclusion. Parker has an MEd from Harvard Graduate School of Education

Webinar Highlights

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Are you mindful of your unconscious bias?

Unconscious Bias and 


The Psychology and Neuroscience of Unconscious Bias

What can We Do?

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