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Mindfulness & the 5 Pillars of Learning
for Mental Health in the Workplace

As the world finds itself in the midst of a global pandemic and organizations and individuals across the world learn how to adjust to a new way of working and living, the importance of prioritizing mental health in the workplace has become ever more important.  


MindWell Founder and Chief Training Officer, Dr. Geoff Soloway hosted Jordan Friesen, M.O.T, National Director, Workplace Mental Health at the Canadian Mental Health Association for a webinar on mindfulness and workplace mental health.

Check out the highlights from their conversation!


How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected perceptions of workplace mental health?

Becoming aware of our own mental health - and we ALL have mental health!

How mindfulness creates space so you can

respond vs. react

The importance of social connection for resilience

Learning the basics - the first pillar of learning for workplace mental health

Emotional Intelligence and mood management

Moving beyond awareness - practicing the skills

of mental health

Building a workplace culture that supports

positive mental health


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  • Mental Health and The Future of Work: a free resource that builds the business case for developing a workplace mindfulness program. It includes evidence, information on ROI and strategies for successfully implementing a mindfulness program 

  • Not Myself Today®: A unique workplace mental health initiative proven to generate strong, positive impact in companies of all sizes and sectors.  

  • MindWell Webinars: don't miss our monthly webinars with a variety of experts in mental health, mindfulness, human resources, leadership, wellness and more!

The MindWell Challenge can help your employees build the skills they
need to meet the uncertainty of today's world.
Book a consultation today!
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