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Improve employee engagement & increase your bottom line

Productive, engaged and profitable organizations begin

with effective, resilient leaders. 

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Effective Leaders Build Strong Engagement

Employee engagement is better predicted by the leader's ability to manage stress than by the employee's current stress level1. In fact, effective, resilient managers and leaders are one of the best predictors of high employee retention rates and engagement. 

The Life Meets Work study found that 79% of employees with resilient leaders wanted to advance within the organization, while only 55% of those with a leader who is less capable of managing stress felt the same.

Engagement is Good
for Business

Studies show that 61% of workers would choose happiness at work over salary, and Gallup’s report on employee engagement shows that companies with a highly engaged workforce have 21% higher profitability. They also have 17% higher productivity than companies with a disengaged workforce. 

The Case for Quality Leadership Training

Ultimately, high employee engagement rates lead to productive and profitable organizations. And resilient leaders are the number one indicator of high employee and team engagement.


Thus, highly successful organizations invest in quality training programs to ensure their leaders are capable of leading highly engaged, mentally well and resilient teams.

Why MindWell for Leaders?

When leaders actively engage in mindfulness practices, the psychological capital (hope, optimism, self-efficacy, resilience) - and thus engagement - of an organization rises.


Unlike traditional mindfulness-based leadership training programs, MindWell moves away from long periods of meditation on a cushion and instead teaches mindfulness-in-action: a simple and effective tool that integrates the benefits of mindfulness directly into day-to-day operations in the workplace and beyond.

You're in good company...


MindWell for Leaders teaches mindfulness-in-action to equip your leaders with the following tools:

  • Express empathy for their employees

  • Actively listen so they can better understand their employees’ perspectives

  • Clearly set and communicate expectations so their employees know what they need to do and why it matters to the broader goals of the organization

  • Lean into difficult or uncomfortable conversations so everyone feels heard and respected

  • Create ongoing feedback loops and open discussions about performance and how employees can meet and exceed manager expectations and their own

  • Notice signs that an employee is struggling with their mental health

  • Confidently respond to mental health issues

Not only will your leaders be equipped with the tools they need to increase team engagement, productivity and overall satisfaction and well-being - but they will simultaneously learn how to decrease their own stress, avoid potential burnout, and become more resilient and engaged themselves.

MindWell has led over 90,000 participants through our mindfulness-based mental health

e-learning platform. 

Research shows...MINDWELL WORKS!

evidence base.png
evidence base.png

Based on findings from research studies conducted by the University of British Columbia’s Sauder School of Business in 2016, 2017 and 2019 and The University of Saskatchewan in 2020


“Leaders across most industries and organizations have been going non-stop for 18 months, and they're tired, they're burnt out, and they're considering leaving”

Widely recognized as ‘The Great Resignation’, 2021 has seen droves of employees at all levels quitting their jobs.

Aside from the frustration of losing a good employee, it costs an organization on average, 33% of that worker’s annual salary, according to a report from Employee Benefit News. In other words, losing an employee whose annual salary is $45,000 can cost the company $15,000 in recruitment, training and lost productivity during the transition. 

Thankfully, The Work Institute’s 2017 Retention Report shows that 75% of all employee turnover is preventable. And that begins with quality training for your leaders. 

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