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Resilience in the Workplace

The most critical component of employee mental health

Exceptional workplaces are built upon resilient people. MindWell equips employees and leaders with the tools they need to bounce back quickly from challenges in and out of the workplace so they can decrease stress and feel their best - for whatever life brings their way.

MindWell: The Leader in Training Resilience, Wellbeing & Mindfulness at Work since 2016.  

Organizations spend billions of dollars on reactive mental health solutions that aim to ‘fix’, when in fact, the most important skill for employees - resilience - is a proactive approach to mental wellness that aims to ‘prevent’ and can set organizations up with more sustainable, widespread benefits at a lower cost investment.


MindWell has helped diverse populations of corporate employees and communities increase resilience and save time and money on mental health, absenteeism, churn and burnout, using evidence-based training validated by leading academic researchers. 

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What is resilience?

Resilience is your ability to withstand, handle and bounce back from difficult situations, such as failure, conflict,  adversity, or trauma. It is a skill/behavior that is acquired and learnt rather than inborn.


Building resilience training into the culture of your organization empowers all employees to stay one step ahead of adversity and is a central feature of a successful workplace mental health strategy.

Why is workplace resilience important?

We are all met with challenges every day - big and small. 

From waking up late and rushing to work, to conflicts with colleagues, learning new skills, looming deadlines and being short-staffed - all of these challenges have an effect on how an individual shows up in the workplace.

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Evidence-Based Results of MindWell Training

When employee resilience increases, there is a ripple effect of positive changes in the individual at work and beyond.

Five scientific studies conducted on MindWell Training by researchers at Business Schools in Higher Education illustrate the benefits of MindWell on employee mental health and the workplace. 

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Organizational Learning
vs. Individual Wellness

MindWell’s whole-company approach focuses on integrating resilience training into all areas of your organization and for all employees. Unlike health and wellbeing programs/apps that focus on individual wellness and get low utilization, MindWell training is designed as organizational learning to infuse resilience across the organization as a core competency - critical for personal and business success.

Like any new skill, resilience is not just learned, but continuously practiced. MindWell’s solution begins with comprehensive training, followed by ongoing sessions throughout the year to exercise and retain our resilience and mental health. These dynamic sessions help employees transfer learning sustainably into all areas of work and life.  

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“This is the best piece of e-learning I’ve ever worked with.

— Pam August, WestJet

MindWell participants have shown the following benefits

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