Optimize Your Sleep, Health and Performance with Jackie Roberge

Sleep is the foundation of a healthy, happy and productive life. Learn what it takes to get a good nights’ sleep and how you can reap the benefits of a well-rested life.

In this webinar, Jackie Roberge delves into all the aspects of how sleep affects all aspects of your life.  Watch the highlights from this exclusive conversation to learn how to:

• What 'quality sleep' is and how to measure it
• Consequences resulting from sleep deprivation
• The truth about coffee, sleeping pills, alcohol & sleep
• Tips, tools, and strategies to get your sleep on track!

Click below to check out the highlights from this Webinar! 


Are you Getting Enough Sleep?

Why Sleep is Fuel for Everything

What Is More Important, Quality or Quantity of Your Sleep?

The Truth About Coffee, Sleeping Pills and Alcohol

The Stages Of Sleep For Avoiding Fatigue

The Steep Cost of Sleeplessness

Are You Sleep Deprived?

The Relationship Between Stress And Sleep

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