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Transform your organization

MindWell delivers evidence-based mental health tools that will transform your organization by increasing resilience, decreasing stress and enhancing performance.



Poor mental health is the #1 CAUSE of
ill health & disability worldwide. It costs the global economy $1 TRILLION in lost productivity.

The MindWell Solution

A cohesive organizational online learning experience for your entire company, from leaders to the front lines.


An annual license gives your entire organization access to the MindWell Platform, which includes The MindWell Challenge, online mindfulness training, daily live guided mindfulness practices, a library of on-demand resources and monthly webinars with industry experts.  



The MindWell Digital Marketing Kit includes customizable marketing templates, a sample communications plan, posters, videos, infographics and more to make marketing MindWell to your people simple and straightforward.


MindWell HR Dashboard provides real-time analytics so you can understand and evaluate the business impact of the training on your people and organization. Regular reviews with your MindWell Account Manager help you maximize engagement and value!

MindWell has trained over 90,000 leaders, employees and individuals. See the results for yourself:


96% Stress Reduction


89% Improved Communication


95% Better Focus


92% Engaging Better at Work


96% Improved Mental Health


85% Collaborating better with others

MindWell is no longer a “nice-to-have”...

it is the foundation for building a team and culture that works.

Mindfulness training provides organizations with the tools to increase mental resilience to stress inside and outside of the office. The program is:

  • Research-backed 

  • Bilingual 

  • Quantifiable results

  • Provides On-demand training, available on your phone, tablet or desktop

  • It's easy to roll out across your organization

  • Has a minimal investment of time, between 5-10 minutes a day

  • Access to Supplementary Workshops & Coaching for Leaders


Hear From The Experts

Watch highlights from MindWell's monthly webinar series to hear how experts in human resources, mental health, employee experience, workplace culture & engagement, health & safety and more are using mindfulness training to improve their organizations!

See MindWell in action!

Book a demo to see how MindWell's organizational learning initiative can complement existing systems within an organization. MindWell integrates into leadership, health and safety, benefits, wellness, learning, change management, finance, disability management and onboarding programs for new employees. Integrating with multiple systems in the organizational makes for a more effective and sustainable initiative.


Unlike a meditation app that follows a narrow approach and only targets individuals, MindWell uses a holistic approach that focuses on ‘we’ and makes an impact at the individual, departmental and organizational levels to support your bottom line.

We're looking forward to connecting!

Let us walk you through the MindWell Solution with a guided demonstration.

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