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The Role of Mindfulness in

Cultivating Organizational Culture

Pam August, retired Director Culture Activation at WestJet, joined MindWell-U for a one-hour live webinar to discuss:

  • What is culture? How does it connect to strategy?

  • What are the culture muscles organizations need to focus on?  What obstacles prevent their development?

  • How does mindfulness support culture development and strategic success (i.e. vision, intention, connection, alignment)?

  • What approaches have been most effective in introducing and embedding mindfulness in culture development actions?

Pam was so full of insightful perspective, as well as practical tips on how to develop a mindful culture. 

Webinar Highlights

What is Culture?

How Mindfulness Helps Organizations Thrive in a "VUCA" world

Why Mindfulness Works as a Tool in Developing Strong Organizational Culture

The Mindfulness Challenge and Organizational Culture

Pam used the Mindfulness Challenge as a tool to help develop a more mindful organizational culture at WestJet. See the results below! 

CultureWebinar (4).png

Many of you had questions about the Mindfulness Challenge - this video is a great introduction to the training!

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