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Performance Management from the Inside Out: 
Mental Health for Leaders

MindWell Founder Dr. Geoff Soloway hosted a webinar with Liz Horvath from the Mental Health Commission of Canada and Jennifer Elia from Excellence Canada to discuss the following:

  • The realities of burnout as a leader and the impact it has on individual and team performance

  • What high-functioning anxiety is and how it’s affecting your team

  • New methods to gain momentum and improve performance even when motivation is low

  • The truth about self-care in the workplace and its importance for yourself and your team

  • How to identify and overcome common stressors & negative thought trains to perform and lead at your best


Why Mental Health for Leaders is not a 'Nice to Have' - it's a Must Have
The 4 Drivers for Mental Health at Work Framework
The Truth about Self-Care in the Workplace and its Importance for Yourself and Your Team
Recognizing Burnout as a Leader and
the Impact it has on Individual and Team Performance
How Your Brain Functions Under Chronic Stress
How to Gain Momentum when Motivation is Low
Focus on Managing Your Energy, Not Your Time
Leaders Aren't Healthcare Professionals - So How Do We Navigate Mental Health of Our Teams?
What High-Functioning Anxiety is and How it’s Affecting your Team
Presentation Slides
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