3 ways mindfulness is used to boost performance

Updated: Oct 15, 2018

Sales and marketing expert turned mindfulness instructor Hersh Forman joined MWU for a live webinar to discuss the benefits of using mindfulness in the workplace, including how mindfulness boosts performance.

As discussed by Hersh in the webinar, here are the top three ways mindfulness relates to performance:

1. Turning off auto-pilot

Mindfulness allows us to get out of auto-pilot mode. When we're in auto-pilot, we are reacting to things, rather than responding to things. Once out of auto-pilot we're able to better consider what the proper response would be.

2. Planning & prioritizing

Using mindfulness in the workplace also allows us to plan and prioritize in a more effective way. If we plan our work using mindfulness techniques, we’ll find that by the end of the day we’re getting more done, we’re more effective with our jobs and we’re happier with our work.

3. Improve workplace culture

Disengagement within the workforce in North America is incredibly high. Mindfulness is one way to promote and increase engagement within your workplace.

Watch the recording below to find out more.


30 Day Mindfulness Challenge

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