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Dealing with Difficult Emotions at Work

Many of us equate professionalism and leadership with emotional suppression, but it is actually the number one barrier between us and our purpose. Instead of suppressing emotions, we need to be mindful of them to regulate them.

The next time you're faced with difficult emotions at work (or anywhere!), try these tips:

  • Accept: Recognize, name and understand your emotions. This helps you know how you’re wired and you can begin to notice what your triggers are.

  • Get Moving: Find a physical activity that helps you transition out of an emotional state. It could be anything, including something as simple as briefly walking the stairs at your office.

Much of our behaviour is driven by our emotions and reactions to our emotions, so it’s important to be aware of what is driving them.

Interested in learning more tips for the workplace?

Join one of MindWell's free monthly webinars to hear from experts from the field of mindfulness, organizational development, human resources, leadership and more!

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