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FAQ: How can I bring mindfulness training to my workplace?

MindWell-U makes delivering mindfulness training in the workplace easy whether it's an airline, university, construction company, hospital or local cafe. We know HR managers have a lot on their plates so we've designed implementation around them!

For the 30 Day Mindfulness Challenge, we provide clients with a registration URL which they then push out to all employees; employees then complete the registration process. Our Digital Marketing Kit (included in the cost of the Challenge) makes launching the Challenge turnkey as we heard recently from a government client:

Implementing the Challenge was easy despite being a small team that's extremely busy. We simply emailed the registration URL to all employees and then they completed registering. Getting the word out was also easy using the Digital Marketing Kit provided by MWU... no one knew we did the promotions ourselves without support from the communications team!

Training employees by Webinar is a fast & effective way to reach a wide audience. MWU customizes the content based on client needs, priorities and the audience (ie Intro to Mindfulness, How Mindfulness Improves Safety, etc) and records the interactive session so employees who couldn't tune in live can access it later.

When it comes to In-Person training, MWU can either create a bespoke program for employees or participate in an existing conference or workshop as we've done for a variety of clients including Coca-Cola, Enbridge and the Department of Fisheries and Oceans.

For more information, recommendations or a quote, please email us today:

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