Get to Know the MindWell Team: Sarah Millar Edition

The MindWell team is made up of people dedicated to making mindfulness more accessible and applicable to you and your organizations. Learn from one of our team members what her favourite lesson on the MindWell Challenge is and how mindfulness has helped her cope with the new realities COVID-19 has created.

Meet Sarah Millar, MindWell’s Marketing & Communications Associate.

What is your favourite part of the MindWell Challenge?

"My favourite part of the challenge would definitely be, Day 17, Turning Off Autopilot!"

Something really stuck with Sarah when going through the learning of “Turning Off Autopilot” - the fact that we stop experiencing our day to day lives and just coast through on autopilot. “The idea of being in a mental trap really spoke to me and I realized that I needed to focus on placing my attention on what I was experiencing in that moment rather than worrying about the past or the future!” said Sarah.

Now, when Sarah catches herself in a “mental trap,” she can bring her attention to something she is experiencing at that moment and stop the habit of being on autopilot.

“After being made aware of these mental traps is when I found it easier to remind myself that I was “taking up memory” in my brain with things that weren’t beneficial to me at that moment - it was a real breakthrough for me!”

How mindfulness has helped her cope throughout the pandemic?

“I have always really struggled with uncertainty (I am a big planner) and of course with the pandemic came a boat load of uncertainty - I went from knowing exactly what my plan was for the next year to having everything turned upside down and that hit me hard,” said Sarah.

Mindfulness practice was able to help with all the uncertainty - she was able to use mindfulness to look at her fear and anxiety with compassion and less resistance.

“With mindfulness practice I am creating a habit more and more of reminding myself to experience everyday life, not waste my day worrying about the past or anticipating the future - and not judging myself when I do catch myself on autopilot,” said Sarah.

“Mindfulness has really helped me to remain in the present moment and not worry about what happens next (which is all I was doing at the start of the pandemic!)”

Sarah has used mindfulness as a tool to accept uncertainty and not judge herself harshly for the journey of creating better mental habits. “In a recent webinar with Sara Marlowe on mindful self-compassion, she said to ask yourself what you would say to your friend in your same situation - this was really eye opening that most of us can talk to ourselves to harshly but we would never even think of talking to a friend in that way” said Sarah.

“Once I stop and look at where I am, what I am doing and focus on experiencing the moment and not judge myself when it’s just not that easy to do some days, I find it becoming more of a habit to be in the moment and easier to get out of those mental traps!”

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