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How to Build a Mindful Workplace

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Be a Mindful Manager

Practice yourself. The more experience you have and the more value you get from the practice, the more able you are to support your team! You don't need to be perfect - the practice is simple, but not easy - share both your successes and challenges with your team. Commit yourself to having mindful interactions.

Get into the habit of practicing a personal Take 5 moment before drafting emails, having important conversations or delivering feedback, entering stressful meetings etc. It could be as simple as taking a few deep breaths and feeling your feet on the floor.

Develop Team Cues

Turn regular activities your team participates in - like daily check-in meetings, getting your morning coffee, walking to lunch, doing expenses, preparing for a call with a difficult client, preparing for month-end etc. into team cues. They can all be great opportunities to Take 5 and become more mindful.

Have Mindful Meetings

Begin your weekly team meetings with a Take 5 practice.

  • Start by asking everyone to share one word that describes how they're feeling in the chat

  • Listen to a guided practice

  • Ask team members to lead

  • Provide a few moments of quiet for self-guided practice.

Plan to watch the MindWell Monthly Webinars together. Host tech-free meetings when possible to encourage being in the present moment and mindful listening.

Make it relevant and have fun!

  • Take a mindful break with a teammate - get a coffee or afternoon snack and then pause to really enjoy it mindfully. You can do even this virtually if in-person isn't possible!

  • Develop a weekly mindful note that you send to your team - this could be a funny comic, inspirational quote or news article that you find interesting.

  • Do the MindWell Challenge together as a team!

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