How to Hardwire Happiness

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Follow these three steps from MindWell-U to add a little joy to your life by hardwiring your happiness... after all, how we spend our moments and days is how we spend our life.

1. Notice the Positive

No matter how small or seemingly insignificant, pay attention to the positive experiences out there waiting to be noticed. A pretty sunset, tasty bite of food or smile from a stranger. Noticing these little bits of happiness add up to create a greater sense of joy.

2. Explore the Experience

Once you notice those positive experiences, take time to explore them. Let the feelings be absorbed by your body and use your mind to examine all the details of the experience so it really sinks in. For example, what colours do you see in the sunset? What are the clouds doing? How is the light changing? You get the idea.

3. Linger in the Moment

Next, take 20-30 seconds to really soak up and savour the positive experience and let it register in your mind and body. When you do this you're strengthening the new neural pathways being formed in your brain - that's where the hard wiring comes in!

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