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Is 2021 the year you launch a workplace mindfulness program?

We say YES! 5 Ways MindWell Will Help Your Organization this New Year.

A study by Robert Half Inc. at the end of the 2020 revealed that 33% of Canadians said they're more burned out than they were in 2019. As the world continues to adjust to our new pandemic-world, it's become more important than ever to ensure you've got the supports in place to keep your employees happy and healthy.

Best Return on Investment

A recent study by the Mental Health Commission of Canada and the Conference Board of Canada looked at the mental health impacts of COVID-19. They found that mindfulness was the only coping strategy to have positive impacts across all 15 areas of concern!

Support a Dispersed Workforce

The MindWell Challenge is a unique training that brings your people together via a common learning experience. Plus, MindWell offers daily live drop-in sessions that brings people together in community for a 20-minute mental fitness break. Your people may be working from home or working remotely, but they can still connect in meaningful ways.

Build Resilience & Positive Mental Health

As we become more mindful, we broaden and build our inner resources. These resources help individuals build the resilience needed to cope as the pandemic continues. Who doesn't need a daily mental health break in the midst of a pandemic?

See Clearly, Respond Effectively

Mindfulness helps us see more clearly what is actually unfolding around us (vs. getting caught up in thoughts, worry, uncertainty). When we are seeing clearly, we can notice new opportunities to take advantage of and this is especially important in a rapidly changing world.

A New Way of Working Together

Become a more mindful organization! MindWell builds focus, emotional intelligence, creativity and collaboration creating positive change at the individual, team and organizational levels. Don't just wait out the pandemic, use this time as an opportunity to transform for the better.

Ready to bring MindWell to your organization? Schedule a demo with a MindWell Consultant today!

Download the infographic.

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