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Mindfulness, Envy and Relationships in the Workplace

Associate Professor of Organization Studies at the Schulich School of Business at York University's Dr. Chris Bell joined MindWell-U for a one-hour long webinar this month to discuss:

  • What is envy and how does it impact our relationships in the workplace?

  • Costs and opportunities of envy in the workplace.

  • What are the differences between malicious and benign envy? 

  • How do we transform envy with mindfulness?

Watch the recording to hear Dr. Bell delve into this topic of envy and answer the above questions as well as many more.


Upcoming Webinar

Attention, Learning, and Mindfulness in a Digital World: A Cognitive Psychology Perspective

Wednesday, December 5 - 1 PM ET / 10 AM PT

Dr. Kristin Wilson will join MindWell-U’s Geoff Soloway to discuss:

  • Individual differences in attention

  • How individual differences in attention may impact how we work and learn, especially online where distractions are profuse

  • How we can use mindfulness to tune and cultivate how we attend to the world, enhancing learning

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