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Mindfulness for mental health during the pandemic and beyond

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

While the latest coronavirus numbers are decreasing and levelling off in most places across the country, the mental health impacts will be lasting.

A recent study conducted by the Mental Health Commission of Canada and The Conference Board of Canada showed that the COVID-19 pandemic is having immense impacts on Canadian's mental health.

84% of respondents reported that their mental health concerns had worsened since the onset of COVID-19.

Mindfulness was the only coping strategy to have a positive impact across all 15 areas of mental health concern areas studied. This isn't surprising to us of course!

Mindfulness benefits people in many ways. Perhaps most importantly during these challenging times, it helps build resilience and develops the skills needed to respond more easily to constant change and uncertainty.

What can employers do?

Workplaces can provide employees the opportunity to learn and develop the skills of mindfulness-in-action as a catalyst for mental health. Mindfulness-in-action training is a practical, accessible, and cost-effective solution that can impact a business on the individual, leadership and organizational levels

Many companies have already implemented mindfulness training programs in their organizations, even before the mental health crisis of the pandemic.

52% of companies offered mindfulness training programs in 2018. Another 23% considered it for 2019.

Learn more about the ROI of investing in your people's mental health and wellness.

Hint: mindfulness training works!

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