MindWell's Top 20 of 2020: Mindfulness, Mental Health, Self-Compassion, Resilience & More

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We've rounded up 20 webinar highlights from some of our favourite guests that can support us as we leave the weight of 2020 behind and embrace the important lessons we have learned.

Our Top 20 of 2020 cover workplace mental health, building resilience in uncertain times, leadership, remote work, mindfulness, preventing burnout, building self-compassion, mindfulness for families and children and more.

In no particular order (they're all important and valuable!):

#1 A Snow Globe Metaphor: How Mindfulness Settles our Minds with Dr. Geoff Soloway

#2 Living in the Moment with Larry Linton

#3 How Mindfulness Can Help With Anxiety with Amy Baltzell

#4 Pam August on How this Work is Simple, but Not Easy

#5 Busting the Myths of Self-Compassion with Erin McCarthy

#6 The Importance of Vulnerability & Self-Compassion in Developing Resilience

#7 Preventing Burnout with Jordan Friesen

#8 How Mindfulness Can Open the Door for Flow with Derek Covington

#9 Using Transitions to Keep Work & Home Life Separate with Dr. Geoff Soloway

#10 Using Mindfulness to Build Resilience & Financial Wellness with Meg Salter

#11 The Effects of Second-Hand Stress with Mary Ann Baynton

#12 The Importance of Self-Compassion with Erin McCarthy

#13 Leadership in a Remote Work Environment

#14 Using Mindfulness to Combat Stereotype Threat with Dr. Megan Walsh and Dr. Erica Carlton

#15 The P.O.B.S. Practice for Parents, Caregivers and Children with Sara Marlowe

#16 Activities to Help You and Your Child with Anxiety

#17 Building a Workplace Culture That Supports Positive Mental Health

#18 How Small Practices Have a Ripple Effect Across an Organization with Glain Roberts-McCabe

#19 The Importance of Having a Mental Health Strategy with Mike Pietrus

#20 HR's Role in Workplace Wellness with Louise Taylor Green

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