Protect Yourself & Others: Wear Your Mindful Mask

These days, we've been thinking MindWell's core practice, Take 5, as psychological PPE (personal protective equipment) - a way to protect ourselves and others from the mental and emotional toll of the pandemic.

Practicing mindfulness-in-action can help you reduce stress, build resilience and improve your overall well being.

Here's how to use the Take 5 practice as your Mindful Mask:

Notice the Cue

There are many processes that are now part of our "new normal." Instead of feeling stress or anxiety, use putting on your mask or sanitizing and washing your hands as a new cue to remind you to Take 5.

Notice the New

What do you notice in your surroundings that is red? Or round? Or smaller than a mobile phone? What stands out? Using our senses to identify things in our environment we weren't paying attention to before helps bring us into the present moment.

Notice the Body

Do you notice any tension in your body? Can you release it?

When will you move today? Physical activity, even simply doing a series of stretches at your desk or taking a brisk walk to start or end your workday can make a huge difference!

Notice the Breath

Take 5 deep breaths. See if you're able to follow the breath on its entire journey - through your nose, down your neck, filling your belly and chest and then back out.

Notice the Now

Notice what is happening now - what are you paying attention to? How are you responding to the now?Choosing a mindset of non-judgment, patience and kindness is a helpful way to let go of future uncertainty and come back to the now.

Share this information with your team or organization! Download the infographic.

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