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The 30 Day Mindfulness Challenge sticks like glue according to recent poll

Updated: Feb 14, 2018

A UBC research study shows people benefit from the 30 Day Mindfulness Challenge beyond 30 days, but what about 8 or 18 months out?

We asked the thousands of people who have taken the Challenge if it 'sticks' and here's what we found out:

As far back as 18 months, 94% report they are still experiencing some sort of benefit from the Challenge.

"I took the Challenge more than a year ago and although I don't remember the titles for the things, I learned when I am feeling overwhelmed to stop and try to find my way back into my body and be more mindful."
"I look at a lot of situations differently now and what I learned in the videos have stuck in my brain and still pop up in everyday life.

Whether the Challenge was taken 18 months or 8 weeks ago, the number one skill people learned is 'Take 5', with more than 80% still practicing it today.

"Take 5 is still a really useful tool for checking in with myself and interrupting the stress response. When I am practicing it fairly consistently, I am more patient and more able to take things as they come."

"Take 5 is my 'go to' method of finding a quiet solitude in my mind - a place of relaxation and centering of my thoughts and emotions."

The second most lasting skill learned in the Challenge is 'Thoughts are Not Facts'. In this lesson participants learn that thoughts are just projections of the mind and these 'thought trains' can carry us to places we don't want to go.

"I have a better ability now to step back and see the big picture rather than getting on a thought train to somewhere negative."
"I benefited greatly from the thought trains lesson. Now when I find myself thinking negative thoughts I remember the lesson and change trains."

95% of Challenge participants are satisfied with the training and approximately the same number would recommend it to a colleague, friend or family member.

"The 30 Day Mindfulness Challenge will help you to cope with the stressful situations life can throw at you, whether at work or at home."
"Skills learned in the Challenge will help you to pause before reacting, practice non judgment and refocus when dealing with multiple tasks that are presented all at once.”

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